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Foot Surgery

Foot surgery is performed in many different ways. There are minor procedures such as nail surgery, or more major procedures such as arthodesis, arthroplasty or amputation for didgital deformities, bunionectomy and other varying surgical procedures for bunions (HAV), excision of mortons neuroma, and also joint replacement surgical procedures which can take place at the hip, knee and ankle.

Nail surgery can be done under local or general anaesthetic depending on the procedure chosen. Nail surgery is more likely to be done under local anaesthetic with a non-invasive procedure, as this can be performed in a clinical environment.

The more major sugical procedures tend to be done with either an ankle or full leg block (local anaesthetic) or under general anaesthetic, and take place within a hospital with the possibility of an overnight stay depending on the procedure.

The decision of having foot surgery should not be considered lightly. Surgical procedures have complications and there is a chance that the corrective procedure may not be 100% effective. All avenues of treatment should be investigated and surgery should generally be the last resort after other management and treatment strategies. Seeking advice from your GP, a surgeon and/or a podiatrist can be informative and is advised before making any decisions about having a surgical procedure.


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