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Our Team of Registered Podiatrists

When you visit the Witney Podiatry Centre you can be assured that you will be under the care of a fully qualified Registered Podiatrist.  Podiatrists, who can also be referred to as Chiropodists are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of foot pathology and are the best qualified health professionals to give advice on maintaining healthy feet.

In the UK, podiatrists usually undertake a 3 year full time undergraduate Bachelor of Science (Podiatry).  The scope of practice of a podiatrist falls into four key categories: General clinics, Biomechanics, High risk patient management and Surgery. There are two levels of surgical practice. As part of general podiatric care, podiatrists as HPC (Health Professions Council) registered practitioners are involved with nail and minor soft tissue surgical procedures and qualified to administer local anaesthetics. From 1st August 2012, the HPC is being rebranded to the HCPC (Health & Care Professions Council)


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